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As children mature, their worries do too. Growing pressures on young people no doubt account for the growing burden of mental illness in school-age children and young adults. And these pressures can include anything from the need to excel in school to the stress of looking great both in person and on social media. That’s before we even consider the effect of poverty or family breakdown.

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Whilst these figures should act as a wake-up call, I can’t help worrying that as a society we are just going to continue down the same path over and over again to tackle the issue expecting it to have a different, more positive outcome each time.

At The Worrinots, we believe the key to addressing mental health issues is identification and management. As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ so surely educating young people earlier and providing them with coping mechanisms is a viable option? This is why I want to see more being done to tackle children’s mental wellbeing in the classroom. The earlier anxieties are addressed the better the outcome for the individual, families and society. New approaches are vital in this fight. Children are comfortable on mobile devices nowadays so it make perfect sense to harness apps to help them communicate issues and concerns.